Why Men’s Basic T-Shirt is the Must Have Item to have

Why Men’s Basic T-Shirt is the Must Have Item to have


How to wear a t-shirt and look stylish

Today the basic white t-shirt is a must-have item to have as part of your staple collection.  Like the infamous blue denim jeans, the timeless t-shirt can be worn on any occasion. This apparel comes in different silhouettes, styles, prints, fabrications and a wide range of assorted colours. This article by Robert Bowen, Director of Robert Bowen Tees, is about the importance of wearing this garment and the versatilities of many ways to showcase your tees.

T-shirts are now replacing the traditional shirts, now dress down Fridays have taken a full effect in the UK’s Men’s Fashion Industry, men are now disregarding shirts, ties, shoes and even suits by dressing down, their corporate attire with basic tees and trainers/sneakers. The t-shirt worn under a shirt or a two-piece suit creates a cool and relax image given our new fashionista cosmopolitan man an aesthetically pleasing look today.

We are going to take you through a few steps how to wear a t-shirt for casual, business and special occasions. So let’s get started.


The Product Life Cycle

The T-Shirt is a timeless; the only element of the basic clothing which might defer from the market to market from selecting this item is the silhouette and the textures.

I have enclosed a product life cycle which highlights the life cycle of the t shirt and the reason relevance to own this basic item.

The Product Life cycle illustrates how a product goes different stages from introduction to decline. The t-shirt has we know is an timeless commodity which trend forecaster’s helps it’s life cycle by extending the tees’ life’s cycle through intense marketing and advertising..


So think again, how to wear a t shirt and look stylish, when you look through closets for what to wear, dress down not up by wearing a basic staples such as a plain or your favourite graphic tees to keep in line with this on-going trends which never dies..


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Robert Bowen September 2017





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